Mala and Kalo


Mala and Kalo (temporary name) was a personal project that I first started during my independent study with Neal Daugherty. I used this project to explore concept art and character design. Later throughout my study, I focused on improving my understanding of human anatomy to help me tackle the issues I was having with my style.
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Wind and Water Erosion


The full title of this project is Promoting Scientific Explorers Among Students With Learning Disabilities. This is a grant project between The University of Texas at Austin’s Simulation and Game Applications (SAGA) Lab and The Meadows Center. There are currently three apps in development. They are meant to be paired with hands on activities and lessons provided by the teachers. I worked along side Paul Toprac, Gahwon Lee, and Louis Dongwook An in order to create educational simulations the project’s curriculum of wind and water erosion. I also worked with The Meadows Center to design assessment graphics and instructional material.

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To the Core Again


An unnamed character discovers that they have the ability to “shift” from reality to a mirrored dimension. Here, this realm isolates and keeps them safe from the harms of the physical world. However, this alternative world houses repressed memories and fears that manifest into aggressive creatures. The main character must find ways to overcome these obstacles by “shifting” between dimensions. In a journey of healing and self-discovery, they begin to come to terms with their past and find reason to hope again.
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